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Fredericksburg - Harner BBQ returns to the duel! Mike, a local caterer, brings his culinary background to BBQ that impressed a lot of folks. He finished 3rd last year in a very close vote. Be sure to taste what the buzz was all about.

Smoke Showin.png

King George - This firefighter and retired Marine knows how to put out fires. But he also knows how to keep one going for 14 hours. Kyle’s low and slow marinated pork will surely be a strong challenger. But you decide after tasting what he pulls from the smoke!

Full O' Pit.png

Virginia Beach - Our story began like many others before us, arguing about who could smoke the best meats. Two brothers-in-law, year after year, had competitions for family and friends during holidays, football games, school events - whenever and wherever they could - it was not uncommon to get a declared winner with the loser exclaiming “you are Full of S#%#! One day the winner’s response was “ No, I’m Full O’ Pit!.”  In 2020 we decided to join forces and eventually take our talents on the road.    Dueling Pigs will be our first competition, and we are excited to see how we stack up.

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